Martin Woschank

Martin is one of the founders of Rising Ideas. Always motivated and with a healthy dose of optimism, he is responsible for strategic product development and marketing. Already at a young age, he asked himself what success actually means. In the end, he came to the conclusion that everyone has to define success for themselves. For him, it is mastering everyday life with a great team and making it as easy as possible for all people who want to start their own journey as entrepreneur. As a natural scientist, he uses his problem-solving and strategic approach to offer the members of the platform the most optimised solution to their needs.

Image Martin Woschank

Christian Hartler

Christian is the other founder of Rising Ideas. With a high aptitude for technology, he realizes the implementation of the product and its necessary infrastructure. During his studies, he realized to make changes and have an impact, risks and failures are a necessity on this path. Finding people who have the complementary skillset and a similar mindset, whom you can work on the same goals are invaluable. In Rising Ideas he sees the possibility to connect such people, who can have a good impact on our society. His analytical and pragmatic thinking as a technical scientist allows the platform to quickly adapt to the users needs, helping them to reach their goals faster.

Image Christian Hartler

The Story

In 2019, we were confronted with the problem that it is very difficult to find the right team partner for one's own company. This person should fit both in terms of skills and personality. Then as now, we see the success of a company as directly related to the team. Because a well-coordinated team can overcome the biggest hurdles together. That's why we started our journey into the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. With Rising Ideas, we have made it our goal to help future entrepreneurs enter the world of entrepreneurship. In the future, we will continue to adhere to our vision that entrepreneurship can and should be fun. To this end, we will constantly expand and optimise our services to offer our users the best possible solution.